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    @Mark Sellick said:

    although I’ve happily made the move to EM for my standard gauge modelling, I’m also starting to dabble in Irish Broad Gauge, and I was wondering whether there was any possibilty of 21mm track gauges, and of course other track-based and wheel gauges to EMGS standards.

    Unless I’ve missed them on the products lists, of course, which is more than likely…..!

    Many thanks,


    Hi Mark
    The only non EM gauges we have are for P4. Unfortunately the manufacturing costs for items such as this mean that I would have to commission a large number to to make the price affordable.
    If you have the specifications I am happy to either contact my suppliers or give you there contact details to see what one off costs might be
    I can’t see them being an item that the EM stores would stock going forward