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Richard Simpson

    Hi Michael,
    Thank you for your helpful response and I wonder if I could be a bit cheeky and ask for some additional assistance?
    If you look on eBay at the moment you will find one of the Malcolm Mitchell kits for sale (see link below). Unfortunately, it isn’t clear if the kit is complete and it certainly seems that a start has been made on at least on component. It also might not have full instructions.

    Would you be able to have a look at the eBay photos and tell me whether, from your experience, it looks like everything might be there? I certainly can’t see a boiler tube. Does this come in the etch and need rolling? Unfortunately, the seller hasn’t spread out the etches before photographing them (suspicious?) but I guess I could send him a message and ask if he could.

    If it turns out that the kit is complete but doesn’t have full instructions then might you be able to send me a copy of your instructions?

    Feel free to respond via email at to avoid cluttering up the forum with a one to one conversation.