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Trade Officer

    I have done some research and spoken to the originator of the Knowle bearing tool, which is an improvement on an original design by a ScaleFour member some years back. Whilst he could get some made he will probably have to order around 200. A largish investment.

    I have also been in contact with H&A. It appears they have independently improved the original design and come up with something very similar to the final design we used to sell. I have asked if they are willing to sell the Society 10 items for sale in our shop. This has been a traditionally slow moving item so I don’t want to invest too much this stage.

    It appears that they are back in stock at H&A so if you want one quickly you can purchase from them. Hopefully I will have a number in stock after Christmas.

    One thing to be aware of, is that there may be slight differences to the Knowle bearing tool the Society used to stock