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Andrew McCorkell

    Thanks all for a really interesting discussion. No apology necessary John, this is exactly the right debate!

    In my youth (a LONG time ago) I was inspired by the likes of Peter Denny (Buckingham) and David Jenkins (Garsdale Road) – both finescale EM of course. I see some great OO layouts now, but they were the greats.

    With very tight space constraints and starting from scratch, my thinking was – this is the opportunity to do things properly. As you say, converting the rolling stock is no issue, but my debate is whether (with basic tools, no lathe etc) it’s either worthwhile, or even possible, to convert the locos (all steam in my world) and go EM.

    The 64xx that was the subject of this thread looks pretty good as-is, and I have a Dapol Mogul which looks superb and runs really well, so there’s a natural resistance to pull it to pieces!  I also have acquired a second hand Dapol 14xx (or 48xx if you prefer) which looks quite crude – big shiny wheels, big flanges etc. Hence Paul’s picture is really interesting!!

    All I’ve built so far is a test track with Peco code 75bullhead track and including a Finetrax turnout in OO-SF. Still “narrow gauge” of course,  and not sure about the Peco sleeper spacing, but looks pretty good, and the RtR locos and stock seem to cope fine with the turnout.

    So the jury’s still out 😊. I think the next step might be the 48xx chassis…..