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Gerald Grudgings

    Re returning to hobby and looking at EM conversions to modern RTR. Not a popular view, but I’d tread with caution. They can be difficult at least. The days of standard components are gone, everything for the most part is bespoke to a particular run of a particular loco. If there is a conversion kit for the loco make sure it is the same version as the one you are buying. I have asked RTR mfrs. about flexibility in design for upcoming projects and had no support. I also have been in the hobby over 60 years and EM most of it. 16.5 was awful when I started, with steamroller wheels and rough motors and coarse track. Its a very different scene now, and to be honest if I had to start again would stick with up to date 16.5, for a quiet life. Sorry to be downbeat but am being open. Regards, Gerald Grudgings, Tywyn.