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David Harris

    Michael’s post above i feel shows that this manufacturer, whilst producing a nicely detailed model (but little attention paid to the transmission area) shows that either the design staff in UK, or the Chinese factory, haven’t given much thought to the transmission design, and don’t seem to care!

    A friend of mine experienced in CAD design made the observation, that for a relatively short timescale, considering the well known fact that modellers might wish to change wheelsets etc, the design could have accommodated a method whereby items such as wheels motors etc could be changed easily.

    Its a great pity that for an extra few hours work the model could have had a much wider appeal and given the company a far better profile in the modelling world at very little cost, bearing in mind the high purchase cost label placed on it.

    Perhaps both EMGS and Scalefour Society could get together and find an experienced modeller who could vet new models when they come to market (or ask manufacturers for a sample before final design approval) and comment on the transmission design which would benefit all modellers in the long run?

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