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John Cutler


    The 64xx is relatively easy to convert. Geoff Forster described (December 2015!) his conversion to EM in a blog entitled “Llangunllo: Bachmann Butchery (The story behind 7416)”. I am not sure of the site and am darned if I can discover it now; but you might be able to. It took him 5 hours to convert and the only modification apart from changing the wheels was to trim off the insides of the brake pull rods.

    That Bachmann loco, and my own of a similar vintage, does not have gears on every axle; presumably that applies to newer models.

    I used Alan Gibson wheels for my conversion. Markits (previously known as Romford) wheels are simpler to install and quarter. Be aware they are to RP25 standards and do not strictly conform to the EMGS standard; the tyres look a little wider. Most users of RP25 wheels (and modern RTR wheels pulled out to EM) do not have problems in EM.

    My 64xx does not run nearly as smoothly as my Bachmann 57xx and 8750 panniers. They have sprung centre axles which means 5 wheels are always in contact with the rails rather than just 3, so pick-up is much more reliable. I overcome this by coupling the 64xx to a Bachmann autotrailer which has pick-ups fitted and wiring this across to the loco.

    The Rolls-Royce solution is to buy the High Level Kits chassis. I have one awaiting the works manager getting off his backside!

    Good Luck!