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Richard Syms

    Having taken over the management of the trophies and competitions in late 2022 (and having had emergency surgery for a perforated bowel in January 2024) it has taken me a little while to sort out the trophies (including finding those which had gone “dormant” in the past and reallocating some of them. All have now been inspected, assessed, photographed and documented.

    Fear not, I have a full list of winners from 2012, when the Denny trophy was presented to EMGS by the Denny family. It is my intention to have the missing winners engraved after the return of the trophy next year, if possible. This is not necessarily straightforward, though. I have had to replace the plinth of the Challenge Cup because the engraving of winners’ names was inconsistent in font, size and highlighting giving it a very tatty appearance, and there was also only space for 3 more entries.

    Fortunately, the engraving on the Denny Trophy is consistent in appearance and there is presently plenty of space for further entries. I just need to find an engraver that can complement the existing names. (as I now have photos of the trophy, I can investigate this while the trophy is away).

    I have also traced details of the winners of all trophies, as far back as possible (2006 in most cases – the earliest Newsletters on the website, 1979 for the Challenge Cup). In future years, all trophies will have an accompanying paper list included in the packaging and recipients will receive a copy of this when I send out their Certificate.

    Richard Syms, Trophies and Competitions Co-ordinator.