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Stephen Smith

    Just a note that the coupled wheelbase of the otherwise splendid SEF T9 chassis is 9’9″ to match the old Wills/SEF whitemetal ‘Bodyline’ kit rather than 10′ of the prototype Hornby (and Westward) T9.  When I asked the ever helpful Dave Ellis if there were any compromises in the T9 kit he said ‘no’!   I know this because I built the SEF chassis and it very obviously didn’t fit the Hornby Body.

    My solution was to build the Perserverance T9 chassis reduced to carry just the coupled wheels to retain the correct ride height – something that would also be necessary for a Westward kit build.  As I had the lovely SEF bogie already built I used that.  Clearance under the splashers is non-existant, and by the time there’s room for even AG wheels there won’t be much more than paint left so scrape carefully – measuring as you go.   Although the Wills kit is for a superheated loco, the brake arrangement in the SEF chassis is more like that of a saturated engine.  The Perserverance brake gear isn’t so clever either, so I scratchbuilt my own.

    The OP has commented on the fragility of the Hornby body fittings and that is so true! The small Hornby cab cutout is really only correct for the later wide splasher version, but the difference is only about 1mm and I may well be the only one that’s noticed.

    Another issue is weight.  I packed a lot of lead between the frames and in the body, but adhesion with the thinned down Romford build wheels (Nickel/Slither tyres) is a bit average even with twin beam compensation.  Once painted with the AG steel tyres wheels fitted, though I am expecting it be up to haulling eight Bulleids or Mk1s.

    The SEF chassis was eventually used on a build of the Wills kit for a friend so he got the spare Perserverance bogie – waste not want not!  That build used Hornby cab fittings in the Wills cab and what a difference that made!

    Both builds can be found on Western Thunder for anyone interested, though to see full size pictures you’ll need an account there.