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Paul Tomlinson

    Michael, my Markits axles are 16.00 millimetres across the “shoulder”. Markits also do “P4” axles, so it might be worth a check on yours? You could try removing the rods and running as a 2-2-2, to check if the rods are restricting sideplay of the centre axle, too – I don’t know if your rods are articulated or not (I think it wise). If you definitely need to reduce the back-to-back, you might like to think about running the backs of the wheels along a fine file, to remove a touch of the cast boss. I chose to resort to this as there was a discernible wobble on one or two of mine as bought. Obviously, care must be exercised if you try this, or you’ll end up with a wobbly set – maybe just on the centre axle at first? HTH.