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John Cutler

    Be careful handling the receiver. The aerials dropped off both of the two receivers I have fitted so far and I had to try to solder them back on with only a 50% success rate. More tiny soldering! Ugh! Removing the clear hard plastic covering to get at the tiny aerial connection pad is also a pain; take care not to cut into the pcb. Surely the aerial arrangement could be a bit more robust or serviceable? Luckily I had a spare receiver awaiting loco conversion No.3. After binding this to the transmitter, I promptly pushed some Araldite onto the aerial anchor point to try and secure it (the end of any warranty).

    Would I do this again? Probably not (at least for some considerable time). The truth is that this drove me nuts; soldering is fraught for me at the best of times. But for a tank engine, especially a retrofit like the G6 where I had to dig out lead to make space, I had no choice unless I hard-wire all the R/C components. Now I have 2 tank locomotives with radio control, I will convert some bigger locos with lots of space in tenders for the harness etc. I await a more tank-loco-friendly R/C kit.

    Hopefully this article may give others some ideas.