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Paul Tomlinson

    I’ve been chewing over whether to add my two penn’orth, but to pick up on Stuart’s last paragraph, the “Show within a Show” concept used by the Scalefour Society (and mentioned by Steve, above) seems to me to be a very good way of promoting (in a practical way) what we offer in terms of improved appearance/running qualities over 00, and the ease with which this can be done through conversion sets and most importantly, our RTR point and trackwork. With luck, we may be able to attract new blood to the society?

    For me, though, the impetus to travel up to a hundred miles to attend a show requires a substantial Trade presence. This would only occur at an ExpoEM or Scaleforum type of event, where the cost is high and the risk of insufficient return is real. We may be driven through necessity to combine our resources with the Scalefour Society in staging such an event, in order to secure it’s survival?