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Graeme Vickery
    On asjharris said

    As a new member I was surprised to see the P4 standards and products in the shop. I can understand the historical and constitutional aspects, but it seems very outdated now. If you want to do P4, you join the Scalefour society, not the EMGS and vice-versa. I wouldn’t have known the EMGS supported P4.

    There’s three possible options, 1, no change, 2, drop the P4 standards or 3, enter into negotiations with the Scalefour society to re-merge and thus share resources on what already is a small market share of the hobby. (obvs the tribal nature of the world means option 3 is unlikely)


    On 73A said
    On John Cutler said

    Er, sorry 73A,

    What exactly is your point, please?

    Are you suggesting we scrap expoEM in favour of supporting local shows?

    Or is this post just advertising Scalefour to members? In which case it belongs elsewhere.




    It was an attempt to point out that your suggestion about co-hosting with local exhibitions to showcase 4mm finescale is not new.  It can be done and is already being done.

    incorporating Scaleforum style events into club shows is good idea and maybe an approach the board might consider. I recall the EMGS did something similar with the SouthHants club when we stopped expoEM South and the SouthHants club effectively took over the date and location for their own show. 73A, do you have any insight in terms of how the costs/risks/surpluses etc are shared between the club organising these shows and the Scalefour Soc?  obviiously the detail of any commercial agreement are strictly between the parties but Id be interested to know if there is any kind of “sharing” agreement between the parties or is it simply a commitment on part of show organisers to invite some S4 layouts (maybe with some help from the S4S) and the society stand all being co-located at the show