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David Smith


    The 4mm scale range of ABS is being relaunched and the new owner has chosen the SHMRC show for the occasion.

    The new trading name is : Modelstock – ABS 4mm

    The following was supplied by the new owner for inclusion in our show guide:

    Modelstock is the new home of the ABS 4mm model railway kit and accessory ranges which were acquired in 2020 after the very sad passing away of Adrian Swain. Adrian was an excellent modeller and caster snd his kits and accessory packs have always been extremely popular.

    We will be reintroducing as many of the ABS kits and detailing packs as is viable and also introducing some new vehicles which Adrian had been working on which never got to market owing to his declining health. It is also planned to facelift all of the original kit instruction sheets in both printed and electronic form, improving the exploded drawings and assembly information using modern CAD and publishing tools.

    A website is under construction which will include a webshop where all the currently available kits and accessories can be purchased online and posted out to you. You can find us online at

    So if you want know more come along to the show and meet the new owner and see what his plans are.