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Graeme Vickery


    Some years ago when I was expoEM Manager we did a questionnaire to get a profile of those visiting the show.  the analysis will be well buried in the board minutes of many years ago but the reason I mention it was because something like 70% of the visitors to the show were non-members and well over half said they were 00 gauge modellers of which only a small fraction indicated that they might be interested in membership of EMGS.  so that does suggest the show does have broad appeal amongst 4mm modellers.  Im sure the attendence of those in other scales however was pretty low – unsurprising.

    Of course times move on and the visitor profile today may well be very different.  But Id wager that the majority of visitors are still non members (mostly not attending cos they want to join EMGS).  Maybe a board member with access to attendance might care to advise if this is still the case.

    If any of the above still holds true, it does suggest that if expoEMs are at some point deemed to no longer be financially viable (and I believe there is work to be done on costs/revenue before we arrive at that point) and we are looking for collaboration then looking beyond socieities that cater for 4mm scale might be more fruitful in getting more footfall (and perhaps more traders too).