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Duncan McGowan

    At significant risk of being booted out of the Society, I have been unable to think of anything other than the entire website user experience which, if I’m brutally honest, is not optimal.

    For example, I am often basically locked out and find the website totally unresponsive. I would say that this happens probably half the time, and I’ve tried different browsers with the same results. The image below shows the sort of error I get, with the developer console open. It seems to be a WordPress plugin issue.

    When this happens, I usually just give up and do something else. But there is a debate here about forum usage. I’ve railed before about the general “look and feel” of the plugin used but I can live with this if the site, including the forum, is responsive (ie, doesn’t lag or freeze too often) and usable. Sadly, it often isn’t.

    It may be that others just give up too. Could this be part of the problem?

    Also, just a general suggestion, but could we have a members-only area where we can post messages about glitches we’ve found in the website or suggestions for improvements?


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