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Stuart Firth

    Hi Duncan – I’ve seen those blue TOU’s somewhere before. An under-baseboard TOU, based around a DPDT switch, operated by a brass rod from the edge of the baseboard was one of the options I looked at. There was also the hacked servo, I have built a prototype and it works well, but would obviously complicate the wiring. It really is this notion of the DPDT switch being right next to the point that appeals – it’s just so simple, and in the context of a very small switching layout, I think it might do the trick. The track on the San Francisco waterfront had just the same, with the switch levers recessed into the ground under a cover rather like a manhole cover – if I can solder an etched manhole cover over a length of square brass tube, that plugs on top of the DPDT switch, and slide it back and forth with my finger it would look right and be really simple to set up. Time to experiment!