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Nigel Burbidge

    I guess I have to put my hands up and admit to being guilty as charged to posting quite regularly on WT, rather than here or RMweb.  Why?  I do find WT to be very easy to use and to post photos with no real limit to size.  It is easy to show appreciation of another person’s post by just adding a like (and that is quite an easy way for a poster to gauge reactions to their posts) and there just seem to be a sufficient number of people chipping in to help others out.  I find it much more friendly and modelling oriented than RMweb, which (with honourable exceptions such as Stuart) often seems to be populated by collectors rather than modellers.  I find the size limit a restriction here and, if I were to try to analyse it, suspect that might be a part of my reason to post on WT rather than here.  Or maybe, it’s just already hit that level of critical mass?