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Paul Tomlinson

    Paul, I have to agree with your post above, and your final point regarding looking to the future – in order to ensure the survival and (we hope) growth of the Society.

    Foremost in my mind at the moment is last weekend’s ExpoEM Summer in Wakefield. The show sounded great, and was rewarded with a decent turnout – but EMGS members were outnumbered (almost) 2:1 by non-members… I’m more used to these percentages being reversed, so as well as being pleased with the success, I am somewhat concerned by the adverse ratio and am left looking for reasons why…

    Then as someone with a keen interest in what went on, I’m left disappointed that most of the feedback about the show has been obtained from external sites (as has been commented-upon by a couple of members elsewhere on the forum). If we are made to wait until October’s Newsletter, a lot of the “buzz” will have disappeared, and a lot of the “thunder” stolen. Bill the Chairman in the last Newsletter did express concern about the lack of member interest in the website and the forum – surely this is an example of one way to help rectify that situation? A couple of photos and a bit of chat from Pete Hill about his lovely “County”, for example? If we can get members enthusing about EMGS events on here rather than elsewhere, it might help increase overall online participation.