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Bob Allison

    … great to get the EM message out there but it isn’t done to the EMGS forum which would be a logical place for EM modelling, presumably because of the lack of viewers/replies?

    Surely just as easy to post here as elsewhere with a cut and paste?

    Completely agree.  It’s a shame that members are posting to other fora but not our own.  Perfectly justifiable a few years back when this forum didn’t allow pictures to be posted, but less so now.  Similarly, it would be really good if the Area Group that is running the EM Facebook group could persuade the contributors to post here instead.  Not everyone is happy to use Facebook.

    If there are particular reasons for using other fora rather than our own, then please let the society know (via this thread) and maybe something could be done about it.  We already know that Paul W finds our forum unreliable – is that a widespread problem?