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Trade Officer

    I have looked at the numbers around use of the EMGS forum

    Since the forum started in 2016 (I believe) there have been 242 topics started and 994 replies to those topics (1236 posts)
    There have been 137 unique posters of the above
    Since 2016 we have had ~ 1700 unique users. We average ~1500+ users per year and some of the earlier users are no longer users

    So based on 1500 users:
    <1 post per user
    ~176 posts a year
    ~10% of the users have  ‘said something’

    I think the above figures tell their own story. Why the low usage? I have no idea.

    In terms of what I believe the purpose of the forum is:
    It is part of the whole content of the web site in providing advice and guidance (e.g. complementing the Technical Papers,Track standards etc etc)
    Enables members to share what they are doing
    It enables members to get in touch with other members

    The last (2?), however, has probably been taken over by the EM Facebook group run by one the Area Groups. This also allows non EMGS members to participate in chat about building in EM. I don’t use Facebook so I don’t have detailed knowledge of use etc

    Anyway that is my two penn’orth for what it is worth