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Bob Allison

    Well, I know that at least one ordinary member has volunteered to help with the website and forum and is waiting to hear back from Chairman Bill about the arrangements for moving that forward.  Paul W makes a second one.

    I agree with John that the problem, whatever it is, extends beyond the forum, and that the limited content in parts of the website is disappointing. The Board members alone cannot make for a lively and useful website, but I do feel that they can, and should, take the lead. Posting minutes of Board meetings and AGM’s, badgering the area group coordinators to post their monthly reports on the web and not just in the newsletter  – there is much that can be done to increase interest in the website for very limited extra effort.

    An interesting suggestion I’ve heard from a fellow member is that the large number of data sheets published by the society may lead some members to think that there is nothing more to learn from the forum. I don’t for one minute think the forum is redundant, but I can see how some people may think like that.