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    Hi Paul,

    As a committee member I am reading your post, so proving we do look at the Forum.  I’m not a regular contributor like yourself, and the question does still remain, why aren’t members using the EM Forum as much as Scalefour society members apparently use theirs?

    All things need to evolve, but it is only through people using the site and feeding back their (constructive) comments that it’s usability or otherwise will improve.  My understanding is that the software is a widely-used, industry-standard product, so I’d suggest is not likely per se to be an issue.  I know everyone has their ‘pet products’ or ‘pet hates’ with software (I’m no exception!), but being a small fish in a big internet pond, we use what is readily available.

    One thing we would like to draw upon is the expertise in the membership in developing and maintaining the website and specifically the Forum.  Would you be wishing to put yourself forward to help in this regard?