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Stuart Firth

    Hi – I have only used these once, but, from recollection, the middle bosses are separate so you can solder them together to suit the required length. The rods shown here were at the opposite end of the length spectrum – a GE J17 but I see no reason why they could not be used in a short configuration, it would just require adjustment.

    To get the length correct either assemble on a jig like the 2 drill bits stuck in a piece of wood in my photo, or I suppose they could be assembled onto jig axles that are in the chassis, though I feel that would be fiddlier. They are designed to pivot on the middle crankpin, so if you really want a one-piece rod I suppose you would have to solder the bosses together.

    Edit – I think in fact that these rods as bought include a representation of the joint, as do most 6-coupled rods, but I removed it because the J17 either has one piece rods, or is jointed on the middle crankpin (can’t remember which!).


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