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Paul Tomlinson

    Ray, whiny Portescap gearboxes seem to be a common issue, judging by the number of posts that I’ve read over the years. According to some posters, the finger of suspicion seems to point to the increasing wear of the mould which created the two bevel gears. If this is to be believed, I’d guess that the gearbox was noisy from new. I have two old RG4’s left, neither of which whine – the only noise is the “zizz” coming from the steel spur gears. I think that if a re-lube doesn’t cure it, you’re probably stuck with it.

    What I found when taking my motors out of their boxes was that the factory lube had become very viscous, impeding free movement of the cogs. One has to be careful about what lubricants are used when dealing with plastics, I took the word of the manufacturer and used the products illustrated below. HTH.