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Ben Weiner

    Thanks Paul and Stuart!

    I have to admit, I do find it difficult to think that the axles can never come out. I guess it is a matter of experience: if you build some loco kits competently and they run happily then you feel confident that generally there’s no need to remove them. I’m used to fiddling about with commercial chassis that may need a bit of help to run well, and the contacts are easier to keep clean and reposition if it’s possible to take all the wheels out once in a while. I often have secondhand stuff that is a bit battered and dirty so I am predisposed to think of the maintenance rather than the pristine new model (which of course may or may not run well). Indeed it’s part of the pleasure of the hobby for me to improve poor running.

    I can see that there are two things stopping me taking all the axles out. Firstly I’ve currently got a soldered bearing on the rear axle. Secondly, were that to be replaced by removable bearings, maybe a set of hornblocks where the vertical movement is prevented, the gearbox still has to be able to emerge from the underside of the frames, clearing the hornblock guides as it does so. It that the end of the story?

    Oh yes, and then there are those underhanging springs…