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Paul Willis

    Hi Ben,


    I personally find CSB to be simpler.  However, the kit that you have has been designed to be compensated, and you have started down that road.  So I suggest that you carry on through with the compensated route, and maybe consider CSB at some point in the future.

    If you have Sharman wheels, they will typically cope with being taken off the axles a couple of times before they lose their grip.  of course, after that you could rely on gluing and/or pinning the wheels on.  But again that is more complexity that is best avoided.  If you don’t have to take the wheels off at all after initial assembly (so don’t forget to paint the frames behind where the wheels will go first!) then you will have the most long-lived result.

    The Sharman wheel range did “disappear” for quite a few years, then went into the hands of Precision Paint who have rejuvenated it.  There is a limited range of wheels available through their website, and I have a smart new set of Y14 ones to go under a Gibson kit when I get around to it…

    I like the Riceism in the instructions.  Very typical, and heartwarming with it!

    Keep us posted on progress,