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Paul Willis

    So that seems like job done for the tutorial team. I admit to a profound dislike of two-component glue (partly because mixing it seems to be so wasteful) so the next step I have to do, following the instructions, will have a different risk of stickiness…

    Having just finished sticking some 4mm x 4mm x 4mm plasticard cubes on the end of a Ffestiniog Railway 009 dandy waggon, I hear your pain.  Araldite Rapid, mixed up in small amounts and applied to the cubes with the end of a cocktail stick.  Hopefully it will give that degree of robustness needed.

    I’m building this for a friend, who isn’t confident of his soldering ability.  The dumb buffers are a customisation.  That said, having put it together, I described the kit to him as “unbuildable by following the instructions”, so I’m really glad that he didn’t even try it…

    FR dandy waggon


    First I will look at putting some solder in the corners. What’s the expected travel of the bearing up the hornblock? Half way?

    That is where bit of planning about the ride-height comes in.  Normally, you would expect to have the axle in the middle of the hornguide, vertically.  You only need about 0.5mm either way up and down.  If you need more than that, sort your track out first!

    The actual adjustment to ride height can be made by adjusting a compensation beam up or down by bending it, or if you are using CSBs, using a different hole in the CSB carrier, or using a different gauge suspension wire for fine tuning.

    Apologies if that sounds a bit vague.  Any picture of what you are working on?