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Nick Ridgway

    Update: I stripped the motor in question and extended the brush springs a little. Put it back together and everything works properly.

    I’m still curious though:

    • I can replace brushes from the Tri-ang X-04 and its Airfix and MW005 derivatives, not that I have many of these motors left, from available spares. This is a simple task.
    • The small can motors give no clue as to brush replacement; the motors are probably throw-away-and-replace when it becomes necessary – unless some dear Reader can advise otherwise.

    The challenge is to obtain components to replace the cylindrical carbon brushes that are sprung onto the commutator using tiny coil springs inside the cylindrical part of the brush holder – motors like the D11, D13, smaller Mashima and Hanozono open frame ones.

    Surely one doesn’t have to have various diameters and grades of propelling pencil “leads” and cut them to suit? Is that material even suitable? If so, what grades?

    Where does one go for ready-made parts, please?

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