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Nick Ridgway

    There isn’t a “best” colour. Perceived colour depends on a lot of factors not least of which is the colour of the illumination. Tungsten light is short of greens, blues and violet. Daylight has plenty of blue. Fluorescent light is strong in green. Paint viewed as a model will look different from the same paint viewed at 12” scale. Surface gloss is prominent on the real thing and, as it is a surface phenomenon, will look far too shiny in 4mm scale. Further, the thickness of the paint varies by a factor of 76. Crimson red pigments are fairly translucent, so go model paint one will find it bulked-up with blue pigment so that the same effect is had with a thinner coat.

    I try not to go overboard on the pursuit of accuracy. After all, the prototype is not fitted with 12Vdc electric motors, phosphor bronze pickups and a worm-drive gearbox.

    Think theatre. Suspend disbelief. We’re creating an illusion based on reality.

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