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    Take care here Alan because Bachmann has produced two versions of the Class 40. The earlier one has single piece axles while the later (and current) one has split axles. AFAIK the Alan Gibson and the Ultrascale conversion packs are suitable only for the earlier version, they will not be suitable if your Class 40 has split axles. When I was modelling in EM (I switched to O Gauge last year) I had three Bachmann diesels with split axles (the current production models of Classes 20, 40 and 47) and I asked David Rogers, the proprietor of Ultrascale, whether he had any plans to offer conversion kits for split axle models. He does offer these for the Dapol Class 52 (a long in production model with split axles) and I have converted two Class 52s with his kits, which I still have as I kept all of my EM conversions when I sold the rest of my 4mm collection. David replied saying that he would produce a conversion kit for one of the locos if I sent it to him on loan but at the time (about 12 months ago) he was about to close down his business for a couple of months as he had to go into hospital for an operation. As it transpired, during that two month period I made the decision to move to O gauge and, therefore, I did not take up David’s offer.