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Paul Willis

    I have an aversion to investing large amounts of money in DCC; I think the future lies in radio control. My current strategy is to install supercaps in tender locos at low cost and to try R/C in small tank locos so shunting will be less of an issue. Just think about the wiring. The next layout may have lots of dead frogs!”

    Not wanting to repost a load of content, can I just point you in the direction of this discussion on Radio Control:

    Scalefour Society Radio Control Starter Kits

    We’ve worked to make a package that is (a) ready to fit and (b) easy to use.  With an article about the Starter Kits in the Scalefour News before Scaleforum, we were still surprised that we sold out of all stock by 1pm on the Saturday, last weekend at Scaleforum.  The demonstrators who have put the kit together were busy all weekend…

    The linked thread should answer most of a starter’s questions about radio control, and how to use it.

    We’re currently rebuilding our RC stocks in the Stores ready for people to want to fit it to a second locomotive!