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Paul Willis

    “I am still tempted by the capacitors though. I suppose the difference to DCC is that the loco is not under your control – the run on will happen regardless of what you want it to do, which might be an interesting replication of the momentum involved in driving a real engine.”

    Not quite right.  There is a difference between DC and DCC when rail contact is lost and the capacitor comes into play.

    In DCC, the locomotive will still not be under control i.e. it won’t respond to any new commands, including any to stop!  What it will do is continue to proceed using the settings that were last sent to the DCC chip before power was lost.  Then those will be overridden when contact with the control signal is resumed.

    In DC, there really will be no control – the locomotive will continue to proceed using whatever “raw” power the capacitors are sending to the motor.  There is no way of moderating or controlling that reaction.

    I’d be interested to see some real life experiments with DC control and capacitors.  I suspect that for the more powerful ones, it will be quite spectacular!