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Philip Hall

    I’ve done two D15s, one in EM using the existing wheels, and one in P4 with replacements.

    The problem with the Markits EM axles that I used was that they resulted in a back to back setting of 16.45 mm which is wrong.  I’ve had this several times so it has to be the dimensions that are supplied.  My customer required at least the correct back to back or better still 16.6 – 16.65 mm to match Ultrascale etc.  The Markits flanges are quite thick and need reducing with an increased back to back.   I mounted the wheels in the three jaw chuck by the tyres and turned off 0.1mm from the back of the wheel,  slightly reducing the flange depth and then rounding off with a fine file (in a handle).  This gave me 16.65mm and nicer, thinner, flanges.  Bear in mind that the wheels are insulated on one side only because of the American style of pickup used.

    The engine brake gear is rudimentary to say the least, but I did use it, and on the tender non-existent, so I had to make all that up.

    The amount of room between the tender side frames was also limited, but I got away with it, just.  In P4 I had to rebuild the whole underframe.  But then there was an awful lot more work with the engine in P4, new pickup arrangements, new brake gear etc.

    The D15, being a wide splasher engine, had bags of clearance for the wheels.  In EM you should have no problem.  Both engines had a very nice little coreless motor and the gears I guess were Markits; they both ran beautifully.


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