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Stuart Firth

    Thanks chaps. It was closely based on a laser cut kit by ITLA scale models in the US. A drawing was made based on rough dimensions from their website. The structure is basically 60 thou in layers as Graham says. Concrete panel joints were made with a scraperboard tool which gives a really nice groove. It took some head scratching to work out where the overlays needed to overlap each other so every section butted up neatly to the next. Simply cutting out all of those apertures in 60 thou was quite a job, spread over a few days during lockdown, and my hands needed serious rest afterwards. The result is VERY strong but it needs to be, because of the temperature fluctuations in my loft. The brick infill panels are Wills, from the flexible sheets they supply for the inside curves of viaducts, and some of Alan Austin’s lovely etched windows completed the basic structure (can’t remember which ones). The fire escape is a laser cut kit by Scale Model Scenery, though it has started to warp in the heat.