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Trade Officer

    Hi Duncan

    I am not sure why your post was closed to replies. I have reopened and responded to your post.

    As I was heavily involved in setting up the new web site and the forum I am genuinely interested in what your thoughts were behind

    “Also, I can’t help thinking that part of the problem may be the forum software itself. Compared to other offerings, it’s not great.”

    and whether there can be some improvements. Having put the work in I would like to see it used a lot more

    However my thoughts are that it is more a mindset in our members. I can’t substantiate that other than looking at the stats – 2/3 of our members have never attempted to log onto the new site. I don’t know what is was like on the old site but I suspect it was similar

    Having said that if there is anything that can be suggested to improve the situation I am more than willing to try. Articles in the newsletter don’t seem to help.