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Neil Docherty

    Tried this approach using home made TOU; primary problem was stopping the dropper from flexing (initially had dropper going into a larger diameter tube that connected to TOU but subsequently just had dropper without intermediate tube) and not allowing to point to move all the way across. Increased movement on the TOU tended to then move point blade away from fixed rail. Increased dropper diameter (went to 1.5 mm diameter brass wire that did not flex)but then experienced problems with wheels just riding up where dropper wire soldered to point blade. Tried a number of different wire diameters and could not manage to either have no movement up and over or no flexing. Currently I have put the problem on the back burner where it is likely to stay for some time as accommodation recently changed and I don’t have the facility to solder outside (my wife does not like the smell). I feel the remedy may be to have the stiffest small diameter wire possible soldered to the point blades (possibly stainless steel or nickel silver) and then have them go into a tight fitting tube that connects to TOU.  Please let us all know how you get on; some times I think that a lot of advice misses some of the niggly bits about getting things to work well.