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Richard Stevenson

    I have used these wheels on Hornby Pullman brake thirds of both 8-wheel and 12-wheel varieties. The spaces occupied by the Hornby pickup strips for the lighting were required to accommodate Alex Jackson couplings. The tail of the pickup spring on the DCC wheelsets is near to one wheel, well clear of the AJ coupling, thus allowing the retention of working lights. A hole was drilled in the bogie frame above the axle. The tail was passed through and soldered to a wire on top of the frame. This prevents the tails from playing havoc with pointwork etc. while not creating friction by restraining them unduly. The Hornby wire passes through the bogie pivot. A further hole was required near the pivot to allow this wire to pass up through the frame and make connection with the new pickup arrangements. These Pullmans formed part of the “Bournemouth Belle” set on “Swaynton” when exhibited at Alexandra Palace in March.