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Graham Hudson

    Hello Chaps,
    I’ve just managed to convert a Hornby A2/2 to EM, but beware, Hornby have started to use 2mm driving axles and die cast rods. The axles run in nice brass bushes similar to, but not the same as, the bronze ones Bachmann use. There is not enough metal in them to bore them out to 3mm, still less to 1/8″ If you use Gibson wheels you will have to fit reducing bushes such as Branchlines supply or hope the Gibson ones are not bored off centre. If you use Markits wheels you will have to do what I have done and use 3mm axles running directly in the cast chassis without the bearings. There will be a bit of slop but the original Hornby wheel sets have even with their bearings. The cast rods make clearance between the motion, the motion bracket and the leading crankpins very limited. They are not easy to bush either. I drilled out the centre and trailing wheels and fitted the Hornby crankpins to them and used a 10BA csk screw as the leading crankpin as this would screw in almost flush. The finished conversion runs very nicely but it took over 30 hours only partly because I tried to find ways of retaining the bearings. I suspect future offerings from Hornby will also feature these changes so think twice before rushing in.
    Graham Hudson