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John Cutler

    Thanks Paul.

    I will not detract from this thread by showing my awful trackwork (but photos do not seem to be welcome anyway). I am tempted to rip up the yard and relay it, on solid styrofoam, probably using the new turnout kits from British Finescale.

    I suspect part of the problem may be with pickups. I have managed to break 2 lots of the incredibly delicate Hornby pickups (a known problem) so gave up and installed long phosphor-bronze wires bearing on the backs of the wheels (overlapping the flanges). (note I could not upload a photo despite it being only 464Kb). Maybe I should replace the long lengths with coiled springs?

    The split-axle and sprung Branchlines chassis (already built for an old model Hornby Terrier!) increasingly appeals but requires a lot of planning and brainpower to get a hefty weight on board.

    Has anyone else converted a Hornby or Rails Terrier to EM successfully?