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Ian William Trotter

    Hi Guys, Happy New Lockdown Etc.
    Just to show I’ve been doing some work here’s a couple of my recent modelling projects.
    First a GCR Bogie Brake Van (Not yet complete!)
    Second a D&S NER Horse Box, this was relatively straightforward, just took a long time.
    Third a Martin Finney (Via Brassmasters) LNER Group standard Tender. I’ve always wanted to try one of his kits but they looked much too complicated for my collection of thumbs. After a bit of guidance from Graham I decided to try the Tender as it is a separate kit and I do need one for a J39 waiting in a drawer somewhere. The Kit is beautifully designed and actually simple to construct mainly because everything is accurately etched and there are excellent diagrams in the comprehensive instructions. I enjoyed the build so much that I’ve decided to ge a Finney V2 to go with the tender.
    Those are the good bits, Now it’s back to trying to get a PDK D34 kit to fit one of Peter Stangers Chassis Much surgery required.
    Stay Safe and hope to see everyone reasonably soon

    Ian Trotter