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Graham Hudson

    Hello All,
    I have recently completed two locos with the new HL coreless motors that Chris Gibbon is supplying. I have found them to be superb, quiet and very smooth running on very little current, much like the old Portescaps which I have now run out of. One went into the new Austerity 0-6-0ST built from Norman’s kit and drives through a 90:1 gearbox. A few parts were replaced with items from RT models and the chassis is from the same source. The other went into a High Level 14xx chassis kit built for a customer. Thankfully neither loco had Gibson wheels, but Sharman for the austerity and Ultrascale for the 14xx. I do not use feedback controllers but I would like to know if anyone has used one of these motors on feedback and how they got on. I do know that Portescaps do not like feedback.
    I am now building the coal conveyors for the drift mine layout but let me make clear they will not work! The coal will be loaded into the hopper in the screens building via a hinged roof. Unlike the loading hopper on Middle Peak, the operating rod runs above ground thus avoiding the cranks and vertical shaft which have occasionally given us trouble. The control is via a square rod running inside a square tube but all this will have to be disguised somehow. I must take some more photos an post one or two.
    Graham Hudson