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Norman Blackburn

    Hi All
    Happy New Year, Lockdown, Modelling time,

    I didn’t realise that it had been several months since I last posted on this topic.


    The J35 started life as the DJH kit. The tender was scraped and replaced with an NB models tender of the J37. The chassis was also scraped and replaced with an NB models J37 chassis slightly shortened over the length.

    Midland and North British Railway Joint Brake Third.

    I had thought that I would build a rake of these but after building one , no more. Ratio Midland Clerestories will do.
    The kit was 51L Models previously Chowbent previously PC Models. The brass parts were very thin 9 thou. Half etched parts 4 thou. The wooden roof was replaced with ratio moldings. I recon that I could have built a Loco in the time I spent on this coach.

    Streamlined Coronation

    I finally got round to having a second attempt at the lining. Not perfect but it will do. This time I cut the transfers (Fox) into shorter lengths and then applied them after the previous section had dried. The transfer for the curves at the front does not have any carrier film only paint.
    As mentioned previously the model is a Comet Chassis with a current Hornby body. The tender is an original Hornby body (from the early short Model). Detail, coal pusher added and the original thick sides thinned, with a comet chassis. The original body for this model were two early Hornby bodies cut and glued to the correct length.

    NB models body with a Pete Stanger 52F Models Chassis.