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Andrew Avis

    Hi Clive,
    I did the conversion using the Alan Gibson kit. It’s the same as the Jinty conversion. I was asked to do a write up but the Gibson instructions are very straight forward. I even used the original rods. It ran like a dream.
    The deviation that I made were to add additional pick ups on the tender and to close up the loco/tender drawbar. This is just repositioning the Bachmann set up. The only problem is that the doors supplied in the box are meant for static display at the standard OO spacing. Shortening the doors didn’t help, so I made some up out of thin card so that they flex as the loco negotiates curves.
    Add coupler of choice, mine was an AJ add crew, headcode and weather. Oh yes the plastic coal was discarded and real coal added.

    A nice model and easy conversion.