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Malcolm Russell

    Hello David, well I have just returned to modelling after a 40year gap, and I am also still confused.
    No longer made but a very good product in the 1980’s was EM flexitrack by Ratio. It came as base mouldings and packs of code 75 rail. This rail was symmetrical top to bottom like the new Peco track, and the chairs appear to have two bolts to the best of my eyesight. Also importantly the sleeper spacings were correct at 10mm (2ft 6inch), 12 per 30ft length, unlike the new mouldings from Peco which have 13 sleepers for a 30ft length. Why? I don’t yet know, but I believe it is full size practice to have closer spacings on tight curves or high speed lines. however all of the EMGS manual and design sheets show 12 sleepers for 30ft.
    The only problem with the Ratio sleepers is they were 33.4mm long ie 8ft4inch and too wide at 3.9mm (11.7″). Then, talking of tight curves EMGS recommends the gauge to be widened by at least 0.2mm to get long wheelbase vehicles around them.
    As it happens I also have some track by SMP Scaleway (3 bolt chairs) and the gauge appears to be around 18.5 -18.6, but incorrect sleepers. It amazes me that no-one seems to get it all quite right.
    So I am going to use Ratio in scenic areas where someone might notice the chairs and the sleeper spacing looks better, and on tight non-scenic curves the SMP or soldered copper-clad with EMGS rail.
    Would be interested to hear what you finally decide to do. regards, Malcolm