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Norman Blackburn

    HI all,

    A bit slow on the EM modelling recently as I have been busy with My 3 1/2″ Highland Railway Loch. Valve gear now set and runs on air. The painting is progressing slowly mostly due to humid conditions which causes problems with spraying cellulose paint I’ll post photos when finished.

    Back to the small stuff. This time a D49 which again had been painted some time ago and was waiting for the lining. The loco body is a detailed Hornby moulding on a Comet chassis. The tender is a Great Central tender chassis from a Dave Alexander kit with the body from a Bachmann tender with the side profile modified fot the different cut out at the front. Lining transfers were from the Fox range. Unfortunately Fox only do one sheet with the narrower footplate lining. This is on their B! lining sheet (gets quiet expensive when thats all you need on the sheet I’ll fit the buffers when I find them.

    Keep safe,