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Norman Blackburn

    Hi All
    Good idea for the next meeting I’ve actually built two Dave Alexander Kits: Class 15 and a Class 17.

    Progress has been made with the Judith Edge class 06. I’m waiting for the works plates before putting the numbers on. As Narrow Planet’s etchers are shut down for the virus the plates could be some time before they arrive.

    I’m finishing an LMS streamlined coronation which has been on the go for at least 30 years. It started with extending two of the original Hornby body shells and detailing the original tender by fitting the coal pusher and thinning down the moulded edges. The loco and tender are fitted on Comet chassis. When the new super detailed Hornby model arrived I obtained a new body moulding to replace the modified original.

    Over the last few weeks I have painted it but I have had no success with the Fox transfers, stretching, not lying flat, breaking up especially at the front curves which have no carrier film only paint. Is this because the transfers are about 30 years old? any ideas.