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Graham Hudson

    Excellent idea to keep in touch this way. Nice to see what my fellow modellers have been up to. For my part, self isolation has given me a good deal of additional modelling time, moderated somewhat by the fact that Anne has been extra busy at work dealing with students and academics struggling with travel restrictions and, in many cases, marooned abroad. I started building a High Level RSH 0-4-0ST for my proposed new layout last weekend and have almost finished the body already. I must slow down or I shall run out of things to build! I’m still waiting for my baseboards and for the etched kit for a colliery headframe both of which might keep me quiet for some time. I was one of thee group who got to the Perth Green show last weekend. It was good to see Martyn Harrison showing his excellent Welshpool & Llanfair model. having been to every EXPOEM since I joined in 1987 it will be a real sadness not to be going this year. Thank goodness for mail order.
    Keep well folks
    Graham HUDSON