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Philip T Tuer, S.R.N.

    Well I found it!
    Not certain what my first project will be because I have so many on the go at the moment.
    So far it has been tidying the office and its never looked so good for years! Think the railway room will be next.
    I finally got a baseboard off Killicrankie, S4 layout, back to its owner after I had rewired it and the control panel. Made a nice clear piece of floor space.
    So now that my social calender is almost empty, just one more funeral to go to next week, I have a multitude of things I could work on. Organising Workington Model Railway Exhibition. Building more 7mm Maryport and Carlisle Railway chauldron wagons. Carry on rebuilding my 7mm model of Aspatria ready for said earlier model railway exhibition. Restoring the last remaining 12 inches to the foot Carlisle Tram body. Then of course there are TWO EM gauge layouts at home to work on before I start building the new O gauge one. I really need to do some more work for CSP Models as well to boost sales.

    Phew, take a deep breath, that’s the easy parts. The hard bit is home schooling the seven year old from now until they probably go back to school in September. Anybody got a spare bed for her? I’m willing to pay £50 a week!
    Now you know what I’ve got to look forward to what about the rest of you?
    Keep safe