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    Good news to report. The coal tank is now EM!

    The purchase of a GW models wheel press certainly helped ensure the wheels went on square. Quartering went slightly out but was fixed easily.

    Pleased I had cutting broaches to ensure the infill bearings in the Bachmann rods were a nice fit on the crankpins.

    Only issues found were that the plastic brake gear needed modifications to avoid it bearing on the flange (I removed part of the plastic from each), obviously the pickups needed amendment. The final issue was a small step half way along the running plate which fouled the rods. I thought about packing the wheels out to reduce the side play, but in the end I felt this might help on curves a bit, so I had to remove the step. My older EM coal tank kit didn’t feature this step anyway so it felt an ok compromise. Luckily there was space within the wheel splashers to enable EM width axles, just.